5 ways to be successful — wealthy and prosperous for All

We all have our own ways of reaching success with different goals and ways of being able to achieve it. The reason I am writing this today is to help you be reminded of how to be successful no matter where you are placed in life right now. I am finally deciding to reach out through the internet as I have gathered that there are a vast majority of people that I have helped, supported and given guidance to that have similar problems as to why they couldn’t feel like they haven’t reached success. Before I begin I will clearly state that I speak this for every reason and it’s free advice so I’d say “Be open as only with openness will help you understand & gain further insight than you already know — at the very least if you already to know then having a reminder to bring you back to the center of self is still pleasant also. You also make your own choices at the end of the day and it wouldn’t hurt to just listen so you can self reflect and understand more of your potential gateways.” What I plan to share for now is just a gist as I plan on only sending some points as I would love to explain every reason why all day but I must continue moving on with my life and other priorities so enjoy my summary of some pointers for the day — I’m sure it will be useful all in right timing from here on out. Enjoy the journey and feel free to ask and you shall receive. Last third thing I will mention before I begin is that this is just to help you experience life the way that it could possibly be filled with more wholesomeness. Let’s begin:

  1. Know yourself — seek within
    Take a moment today or whenever you are ready to be alone with yourself and get to the bottom by literally having your bottom placed down (sitting or lying down — or whatever really but just away from your usual routine for a moment for yourself). Allow yourself to be open to any thoughts or feelings that may be trying to get your attention but acknowledge it and continue to let it be but be aware of whether it is positive or negative then let it be with intention of letting it go as it doesn’t matter yet or for the time being, for now. Yes I understand this may seem easier said than done but at the end of the day, you make your own choices and you need to accept that maybe you are the one responsible for how your life unfolds due to your decisions made, the actions and reactions taken then consequence happens in life but to blame that your life and circumstance is making your life horrible as one thing after another seems to happen to you, can be redirected by deciding to make the right choices before you have to experience hardship. The thing I have found common and will use as a simple example to touch base as to why I am mentioning this is that people nowadays only see that to be successful is by having a job to save up money and buy a house and pay off their studies, mortgage and hope that they have enough to retire to live how they dreamed of since they were young but unfortunately, most people that get to the age of 60 start to feel old and it’s been so long since they could be young — more than half their lives they spent being busy living how they have to juggle all the usual full time enigma such as feeling like they had to work to not be homeless, to secure a stable income for their children or just live up to society’s perception on having stuff(evaluated and calculated by their gross income made or how much is in the bank) to be somebody in the world, the more numbers the richer you are in “high society”, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of money and having it as assets to survive because I’d much prefer how we don’t have to hunt animals and be decided at birth whether you are of royal blood to live a lavish lifestyle or a peasant one because money helps create order and keeps more civil which is definitely much more less savage. I would love to carry on the topic of love and money but I’d probably end up writing up a book so I will save it for another moment so we can move on and get straight to the point. The point is, we are where we are right now for all the reasons that have already happened, so what now? Feel free to think further and also feel free to question or take in my word of advice for this one — “It is what it is and has happened the way it already has. No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes, that’s how we learn and grow sometimes. The hardest part sometimes is to look at ourselves to accept that we are the cause on how our life becomes next. Take back your confidence by taking back your next choice of action and I must admit it does take courage to snap out of what we are so familiar with as change can make us feel uncomfortable but you will never know until you try. If you feel like you have had one bad experience with it and lived in fear or going through the same thing then I must mention that, have you really grown? Remember you are older and wiser now so if the same thing happens, you know better so why continue to fear it? Just let it go and move on with your life. It is hard to take steps and feel like we have to go back to square one because we may contemplate on how much could be affected by the change but the truth is, at the end of the day — our world will keep spinning, changes are constantly in motion and time won’t freeze to wait around but it will still be here but how much left of it was spent in fullness for yourself? I am not here to judge or critisise however your lifestyle is or where you are at, remember I am here to just help you be reminder, be aware of, open up to more possibilities so that you may live a more fulfilling life whilst still not having to quit anything cold turkey. The goal for this article is to at least help you get back your confidence and allow yourself to experience life the way it potentially can be, than “having to feel like is this all life will be?”. I will conclude this point so it doesn’t drag on by saying, at the end of the day, you need to accept somethings that seem like a lot of pressure and hard to do but it only gets easier from there as you will start taking responsibility for yourself and start to see how life may be as you finally decide for yourself on what you what and need through appreciating what you already have and stop blaming circumstance or focusing on what you don’t have. The sooner you move on from what has already happened and just take them as lessons to help you for more to come instead of dwelling in it, then the sooner you will start to allow yourself and the world to open up more doors to opportunities that you haven’t noticed before but it will only make sense if you can take the courageous step. I believe you can, after all — we are blessed with the will of free choice.
  2. Developing your new foundation for success
    If you have made the choice to what to help manage your own life instead of letting it take control of yours each time then this next part step will be much more fun — also I say “kudos, it shall be all worthwhile”. After realising that you want your life to have more or different experiences that potentially are possible. That old way of thinking to survive, it really keeps you busy but away from even you, it’ll wear you out, it’ll be the next thing you think about, it’s what you do most your week and have to invest all your time and space towards but now that you want to seek to at least share a bit of time and space for yourself, how does it feel to have so much more options for greater things. It’s great that there are more possibilities to live a more wholesome life for ourselves as we have responsibility and do something for ourselves but it is the next challenge in the step as since the list is vast, the more there is to have to think over and choose from. It has been long awaited since we had time to stop to think about how we want to live our life without being sucked dry of working the same old job to feel like that’s how we can only live in this world. If you love your job then I am very happy for you and so far, this may not seem relevant yet but even those whom already have their money goals achieved, it probably will still be worthwhile reading on with what I will share furthermore. I say this as I have also had to speak to many people whom still have no clue what they want to do with their lives even though they are financially secure and have plenty of savings in life but still continue to work as that is all they know and feel like they have to continue to do but don’t realize that they are not prioritizing themselves enough to also enjoy themselves properly. It is a shame how hard some people work for their money and then not know how to enjoy it for themselves because they never got the time to figure out what they want for themselves then just feel like their life is just about making money until they have enough to provide for their children, pay off their circumstances and continue to just do that as it has become their habitual pattern. It becomes repetitive and the person just feels like that’s all their life will ever be because that’s the world we are born into now, we are given a instruction on how we need to schedule our time, learn what we have to, repeat a systematic cycle and then be places into adulthood which is similar but just with having more responsibilities. I do love the order but I speak today for those whom have forgotten to also take care of themselves and remember that life is so precious. Don’t let it slip away trying to pass the time chasing after goals that are piling on to just wanting more of the same thing and allow that to be your fateful destiny because you are allowed to have time to yourself to live a blissful life in between. Don’t forget that you are still your own self and you should take charge on spending time to do what you are still curious about, enjoy or even take up a hobby you have been curious about. I understand that we may feel tired from all the labour or hours spent to our busy lifestyles but those are choices we have made and must continue to either live with or free ourselves from it by embracing your desires. We all say we don’t have time for this and that but I will state this to get to the point, we have all the time in the world but we never know how long so why not priorities it well that still works for everything on the list? You don’t want to look back one day and say that you wish you tried or gave something a chance and not be able to do anything about it besides regret it when it has already happened right? The truth is, it’d be on you too so I’d say, live a little and make some time for the little things in life because you’ll only understand how wonderful these little moments we decide for ourselves to take a chance on to the possibilities of taking our experiences to be our own — whence you do you. “Stay true to you”
  3. To be or not to be — the choice is up to thee

If you have made it up to here: I will start to clear up any confusion of the first two paragraphs that you may still have real soon - so trust just remember to keep a little bit of faith and trust the process as the way that I speak, the words that I share are placed for every reasons as I can only touch base on general way of the way I know how since I can only say so much. Just a reminder that I know where I place the messages as my purpose is so they match up when they can as our mind comprehends the way it does and learns however it knows accustomed to the way it does but don’t think too much into this explanation, if you know what I mean then you know but if you don’t, it’s fine as it’s for me to know and for you to find out. I just thought I’d add this just so I still have your attention to remind you that, there is hope and I intend to at the very least-impart with leaving it’s meaning after all of this until my next article but meet me like you would with your endevours halfway-then I shall do the same just like how the world — our universe does. Get ready for some cliches and things that you think you needn’t have to hear or depend on but be glad to have along the journey to keep you in bliss — I will now move on and help carry you forward wherever you are placed right now, it is possible but the choice is yours on how you receive the messages.
Point is of this third paragraph is to seek the right words that will help you on your greatest journey. Let’s try to keep it simple and start to find our plan from A-B but to be successful on this is to have to take the moment (Paragraph 1) to spend time to get to know your one true self by hearing the sounds that you make that could be holding you back from being potentially living with more greatness in your life, to recognise whether or not you have been listening to yourself on how you would much rather live that would bring happiness and a sense of freedom at hand in every second of the day. To figure this out, try to see which thoughts are bringing you down and give another voice that usually is left aside because you possibly decided once upon a time that you can’t possibly live that sort of life due to having to work a schedule and get used to the events going on in our life that has placed us in a spot where it seems to be hard to get out of as it was probably a decision made on helping you get through circumstances but let’s ask more questions once you do reach a point of such-and-such of the ways of -day-and-day life we have put ourselves in for a moment and dig deeper by asking yourself such questions such as — Is this where I will want to be for the next 2,5,10 years? Do I want to be working here most my life to reach my set amount, how much is my time really worth? These are just some questions that may be relatable but it is up to you how you want to really find out about yourself but this wont ever work if you aren’t committed to it and absolutely honest about it. I am saying this because whatever we cover up will just come back around eventually as our subconscious knows that there is still something that we haven’t yet got to the bottom of so it will get caught up deep in the back of our minds until we solve it. If we never do or choose to bring resolve then we will never know and always be left not ever knowing more but having it swept under the rugs of our memories so it would feel like something is missing. I am glad that I may share this quote as I have found it quite very fond ever since I understood and ventured to find out why it is important to

4. Follow your heart
We have grown to keep listening to our reasons of logic and start only following what we think and have gotten used to thinking with the way we have grown to think and be. This is not to say that the mind is bad or wrong but if you are feeling stuck and are still searching for more meaning in your life, you must seek your heart also and actually trust it. It is reasonable as to how our minds have set course to take us back onto the road of finding something familiar and bring us back to our comfort zone but how long are you planning to keep this systematic pattern? I am not saying, that it is wrong nor bad as it does it considering that is just an instinct with how the mind usually works to keep us safe so our experiences growing up created a whole list of reasons to not overstep so it keeps you bound and behind hidden doors you no longer want to even be near anymore but the thing is — If you want to experience more and allow your life to be more abundant then one of the few truths you must come to accept are such as these;
a)You won’t get anywhere thinking the same old thoughts & b)You will never know much more than you do now until you realise that to know more than you do is by stop thinking that you must do what your mind tells you each time to keep you away from anything else than what you already do know. C) “Let’s not think but listen to what my heart would entail, give it heart a voice to be heard then decide to think after considering why it must have felt to express the way it hath”

Nearly half way there as 5 steps of trying to bring out what’s within us is important to gather before you actually decide to take the next step onto deciding which opportunity that would be more clearer if you gave yourself the moment to be on your own to figure out what you want, why you must be it or deserve to, whether or not it is true and suitable enough to be real. Make sure that this is your own call and not what you think someone else would want from you, it is your life, choose how you want to live it — whether you may want more free time to yourself or your loved ones during the week, to be able to travel somewhere. To know how to differentiate the voices, you must give it a chance and not be scared of the fear of failing, making mistakes or simply just saying that it is not possible because only you can walk away from what you truly desire from the bottom of your heart. What is it that makes you happy? When was the last time you could be doing something you enjoyed without having to worry the stress about what’s next or having thee freedom to not dread “the same shit, different day” routine? Feel free to pop up, ask me about anything and open up without having to worry that I will judge, I truly do care and sharing this so far should be proof enough for you as I don’t really have to sit here and share these insights for free but I am sharing the love as I do love to give, I love to help and this is an example of how I am living my life to the fullest as my heart desires to share these little words of wisdom to hopefully help another of one’s to be aspired, inspired or even admire the depths of wonders we have stopped caring for — for One self. Learn to love yourself and try to fit in what you can do that fills up those gaps even if it doesn’t seem convenient, then make it so because your life is worth more than just the usual day-to-day survival that you have been caught up with for quite some time now. As mentioned in (Paragraph 2) as to how time doesn’t wait for anyone and will keep in motion, change is constantly happening so take a step onto this wonderful place we call Earth and appreciate the little things, that we get to still breath and have the chances to experience, learn and embrace the things that usually seem like it can bother your day. As in, the seasons that we know of 4 (Summer, Spring, Autumn and Winter). We all have a preference or we don’t mind at all as we know that it is just happening for a reason so it shouldn’t bother us, E.G: Surely you have had conversations with someone who may have said “I hate the rain”, “It’s just so cold, why does it have to rain so much”, “Can’t go do anything with this weather” and it seems to be the highlight of how the day is experienced for the person who says such things and mean it. Instead of complaining about something we can’t control, go do what you can. Focus on what you do have and don’t let something like rain stop you from forgetting that you may have a phone, television, a place to shelter or whatever place you are when it is raining, let’s say you had to walk in it — then just simply accept that it is happening how it is but instead of hating it, learn to find what you do love and focus on that. If you can then I would suggest giving gratitude for walking in the rain in that moment as it has allowed you to open up a moment to stop and think about the things that you love.

5)Meeting halfway
One way, or another, what is necessary to learn, will find a way to cross paths with you as many times as need be to intervene until you understand why but it is us who usually rejects it when goodness comes by our way thinking that it might be too good to be true, maybe we are not ready or deserve such an outcome but to not see it through with this kind of thinking is your own choice so saying you can’t will mean you can’t(like giving up before you even try) or if you finally feel like you should start making changes by taking the courage to chances for yourself then hold on tight and remember to not lose sight of your reasons why you are willing to “risk it for the biscuit” or following your heart’s desires. It just means you are ready to want to be closer to being happier, healthier & wealthier.

The other half of this article will be HOW to create the attraction of abundance on which that you desire but I won’t share the rest until I believe that this article has reached enough interests, or those whom are seeking to help themselves. I really do look forward to sharing the next half but this is the most plausible.

-Dat T.V. Nguyen



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