This is a hypothetical & metaphorical – statement. Those whom don’t allow themselves to be open up to possibities beyond the naked eye would only be stuck in vivid moments of what Ones’ mind placed to protect ones’ way of being. Understanding of ways of being, inner wisdom and truth get blurry as one distances from how to stay true to self. Wilting willingness from One to lose sight of real eyes to which helped One steer clear from lies to only realise that lies were succumbed as one lost sight of self to realise true self once again as encountered from blessings in disguises in cycles of different shapes and forms – Bringing One to realisation, one treaded forth to find the meaning of Oneself’s Recreative Imagination:

Hypothetically seeking understanding of Ones’ own meaning by embarking into unknown hysteria which is implicated as space, a void/dark hole that sucks up Ones’ own way of being as every word goes by, inflicting self to exhaustion causing an endless cycle of sigh and not knowing why nor even noticing that all the authenticity didn’t even last to say goodbye. To be-open to this dark void is to enter ones own space to know how to light ones own way to guide self by staying true to ones’ way in seeking truth through understanding that not all answers are conscious-as to what is known –

To be knowing, that more is to be bestowed upon only if one leaves understanding of profound knowledge open, as to accepting that what is known will go through expansion for more knowing if space is allowed for more .and is only going to only grow through allowing and accepting that not everything that can be seen, is all that there is, nor is it, just it. To do stay put and accept that consciousness and what one thinks is truest, is like setting ones own spot to stay the same and only know how to be feeling and thinking as a person living to just be alive and nothing more.

To be, as it is meant, or, meant as it is to be – Sometimes the only way to understand glory, is to be patient and wait and see. One must start as nothing, no one, non existent ie nothingness like zero, for one to begin in the first place but how? Their must be space for such a thing as one, to meet place as it seeks forth to carry on to create an opportunity for one-other which may be, a possibility that could correspond. Fateful meetings through meaningful reasons as to why another is to be or else, to never be if left untold and no other to unfold.

I’m sure that this all may seem confusing or might not make sense yet but “patience is a virtue” and keep in mind that anything written here is to never hurt nor to ever pursue changing ones’ way of being; Remember that these words and my writings can’t touch you, to be straight up and as open as I can with my intention as to why I am even writing all of this in the first place is – I’ve been consumed and caught up in such tragic moments and have spent an abundance of time with darkness, giving plenty of my time to stay in hopes of understanding and finding a way out so that I can help all-everyone/anyone that goes through such dark times. I don’t like to carry on about myself nor bring up my past, maybe some day if asked but I thought it is worth bringing up so that my intentions are clear so we can move onto my main purposes as to why I am here to write this, it is to help all whom are in seek of any sort of guidance, clarification, help, support, love & I do this by helping oneself help one-self with their true self.

One & self/(ones’-selves) can be hurt through ones’ own ways of being due to how ways of thinking by ones’ own mindset which sometimes causes disclosure in letting themselves be free to their true selves, enslaved by what is thought & told by their built up words that escalated from once upon – how to be. This can make one melt(breakdown) from erupted thoughts turned into lava, in which actually once could’ve been started off as a fire that was driven to aspire; once known then left unforgotten in spiralling waves of different sorts but same sort due to mishaps that indecisive gestured as defeats so left to conclude relatable possibilities to be forged as none and never even remember why one embarked and set foot in finding ground in such chivalry to begin with, which may place fear upon ones’ way of thinking and barricading beliefs to take leaps of faith anymore steering self away from courage’s acts to take grasp of moments through remembrance through unrivalled feats of undefeated rivalry. One of many points as to why I am also writing this is to share another splendid way of being: That anyone can learn and hone to add to their own skill/knowledge/wisdom/knowing/understanding :

Letting go

One only knows as much as they know, not much more, not much less. Hypothetically speaking & metaphorically indicating. One can know all at once but not comprehend knowing all at once as once known, another is to be known and it may add one after another or even multiplying by doubling, tripling and so forth from self because what was once nothing became one eventually two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine to define none to one and becomes something that is from something that wasn’t. For it to grow and expand is to go beyond understanding but to go beyond understanding is to first remember what was under by standing to understand so one may comprehend any further or all that is known from understanding is just to be understood and nothing more & also nothing less. This is a limitation that many that wandered in awe has been left why once even wondered, this is just a core to more. If one tells self that all is known and understood, then one would disable self to let further ways of being, from any understanding to lose potentials in knowing more because this means that something that was once nothing has became one and nothing more once again. An endless end that went through a cycle, is no longer made use of through recycle – “That is all so that is it, nothing more & nothing less”. Such Way of thinking or feeling about anything would only keep one as one and not ever feel the need to ever need another for one to expand anymore, infatuated from what has been understood to being with. It is all up to one to make choices of their own, through knowing how to be alone, instead of constantly getting notified to think and feel like commands that may distract one and self.

“One must understand wisdom thine their own experience through ones own individualism and unique journey, which hath been set to allow self openings for opportunities of growth to hone by time and space – That moments of pain that challenge one to be wilted from self or for oneself to be stay true to find ones strength and higher-self through seeking truth in what was lost without knowing which is and always have been, awaiting to be discovered, rediscovered or just not to be, still left uncovered.” – Yami Dat

What is the point in such whimsical sayings and why I am typing all of this? It is all for a reason, always. I have been through more than enough, as so indefinitely to know that I should stop resisting this statement as I have been put through countless – measurable circumstances to believe in such “far-fetched” oracles. Here is my advice for the receiver(reader ie YOU), this is a give and take. You can believe in whatever you read from my writings and I urge each to do so and definitely advise all to go through their own journey and find their authenticity to seek their own inner wisdom and knowledge of their such because that’s all I hope for anyone as I write and share what I believe through expressing my own authenticity and do what I love to do – help all that are in need of it and one thing that I know for sure and have confirmed is, usually it works if one really is considering to help them self and not just always sink back to their own habitual ways of thinking and feeling but to actually make learn how to make ones own choice of knowing how to be accepting to weakness and opening up to allow growth for oneself to understand how to “turn that frown upside down” – hence turning weakness into strength.

One can only learn, understand /&: seek clarity, order & strength; (power)in what is being said/shared for ones’ own knowledge, support & wisdom – IF they were to just allow one-self to be open.

  • Remember being open still allows one to decide on their own choices as also on choices of ones own belief, this helps one be their own self but oneself must be aware to do so without getting lost, to do so is to know how to do so – which is one of the main keys to understand and also points of reasons for why I decided to embark and write about what I am currently summarising in this Auracle o’ thine. None of it may make any sense now, as of yet and/or maybe even ever BUT it wouldn’t hurt to just be open and read ones’ own way of being through these description – like a story but without having to go through the worry, unless one decides to choose to seek ways to be sorry.

As another moment, in any time given whether in a gap of any say, a second, minute, hour and / or day.



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