Seeking within

Learn to live and love, learn to give from above but understand differences of below. Work out one thing after another as they come, that’s when you find what ye seeketh is fathom.

Hence try to sort out on what’s being brought up in the moment as you go and be present to navigate and direct your point of view to sort out more sooner than later , or , leave it for the terminator. [^_^]

We may have grown but how grown are we if we distant ourselves from our dreams ever since we desired how our lives should be lived?

One can only owe one so many favours before it can possibly get harder to choose even what they prefer for flavour. It’s not like ones way is being always trying to be a hater, they just once too many times had to say “see-ya-later”, without a goodbye, with countless of endless sigh’ – to only end up seeping back in, countless blockages that inflicts something to own situation to possibly confusing ways to be navigating with ones own intuition , from little sin, but only to remember why to never ever want to stay at the bottom.

So they got to listen to the good inner voice that is lit with love from within, or else they’ll be like a snake shedding seedless skin’ roaming around to try to find another way back in, to not have to always be slivering’ – around, and not understanding every sound, to actually help open up possible truths profound. Truths to whom?

Unless one remembers why - then they’ll possibly suffer to lie and hide away to forgetting that with a higher point of view from above, the world is much more vast, wide and crazy – sometimes, one carries onto signifying just the comfort zone, where skills and potential is forgotten and scraped away the reasons to why to carry to hone, to master their own-ways through moments of being alone with what it has shown and opened up – what’s important, inside and also out. Why not good instead of bad or does one prefer to be feeling sad and forgetting that there are also so many more reasons to be also glad? Cmon, it wasn’t all bad but now stop tripping and get back on your own two feet lad – “Heads high and start finding direction by looking for what’s up and go for it instead of always looking down at the ground to always be hearing the same sounds that came back around, for many reasons and so much more. As no defeat stays as one whence victorious in the end as no moment is a waste rendering it to be neither bad nor good but another moment which twas’ triumphed. Good & bad are just two differences but how is harmony or balanced known in this day and age of today?

“S-0 1(one) must find another to make two and much more but must remember to know how to not fall too deep into the endless ways but only deep enough to prepare to avoid any war by remembering what it’s actually all 4(Four?)

Or is it because one chooses to continue to live in the past, thinking that they “knew it wouldn’t last” so they consider it all to decide on conclusions where that reality is just what “they had” like it’s “A-B-Z ?”

One must trust the process and see it all through hence meeting half way for 5 to compromise the awaited half to see whether understanding be — to be or not to



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