Today is an important day

If you are reading this today, it ,means you have probably made it through a fair amount of challenges and if you were to look back now, you must have made some sort of progress through recently.

Life will always have its fair share of ups and downs but it all depends on how you decide to think and feel about each time and space(moment, situation, time frame, whatever you may call it), is how you will experience your life. Life is a very interesting experience to bestow upon and how it is experienced most of the time is up to you.

Your mindset, attitude and way you express each happening is completely up to you. There will always be downfalls and ways to climb back up but the important thing is, you must keep moving. Every moment is another chance to be yourself, every day is a another chance to live your life however you aim to. Usually the only thing stopping you from living your life to the fullest potential, is you.

Think back to the time when you were young, learning how to walk. You would always get back up and try, no mater how many times you had to fall and cry. Though, you kept trying.

- If there is a problem, there is a solution +

Interestingly enough, this world that we are born into has it’s fair ways of meeting place to be of existence. It’s quite fascinating and makes so much sense as to how one cannot be without another and vice versa. This isn’t to say per se. Each individual struggles to find their own way of being themselves as we grow, considering all the differences that this world has created as times flew by but none of it matters, unless, the individual makes it count and allows it to be apart of their life.

“Too much of anything is never really a good thing” — a saying that is true to an extent, like most things in life.

Back to the point of why it is ‘interestingly enough’ that the world that we live in works in such complex but yet at the same time, very straight forward and simplistic ways. A current or magnet needs the opposite to attract and run its flow. Just like our everyday challenges, we are surrounded with problems that may arise but we must be the solution that is applied to —

Go with the flow ~

Now this may mean and be different to everyone; How — to be / achieving such rhythm is within one’s-owns’ way of understanding through each individuality. We are all unique, we all feel and think differently but let’s say we were to all try to explain the same point, we would all express it with terms from our point of view and unless we were open to others, we would only see it from our own way but never expand to seeing more than just our own understanding — which would help us receive a wider projection to take grasp of the vast ways of seeing something differently that could help us review around it to get the clearer view, which would be more vast and fair enough. Each individual could explain the same word in different ways of expressing it through their own understanding but the meaning itself would mean the same thing in a million different words, authentic or subliminally defined due to what is known, all that is known.

One would only experience and know more than they do if they keep them self, to themselves.

Openness is key to more understanding

More understanding means more experiences, more options, more choices, more doors to be opened but always seeking more from within can be a fault in its own way. I understand that much and many of these words of wisdom may seem contradictive or complex. It is but it also isn’t. Why do I say that?

I am not trying to be whimsical but at the same time, it is what it is. These words may jump right at you as you read it and make sense and some might not at all, or maybe even both at the same time. It all depends on whom you are in this current time and space, your awareness, openness and many many reasons why one, two, three or none at all and all may be taken into meaning and understanding the way it does is all due to your individualism. Why I am starting off with Openness today to help you reach a closer understanding is because I believe that it is very important, and also many many reasons but that’s for me to know and for you to find out.

Now let’s begin on unraveling what any of these words could even mean as I share them.

You and I are unique and different but yet the same. We both breathe, bleed, feel, think, love, learn, laugh and so forth — it’s the fun part of being able to have our many senses but how we experience them are, another story. We all have our differences so we would express differently due to our different point of views, from how we grew up, how we currently uphold our standards, our morals, principals, background, beliefs, etc. Let’s be real though; At the end of the day, we all want something similar, whether it’d be — love, money, understanding, direction and so forth. The only problem is,

  • We may be too smart for our own good, sometimes (At one point in life) since we are all born with intellect.

What do we do with such troublesome ways? This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Remember that if you got yourself into anything, you can always get yourself out.

“There is always a way”

Back to how one thing not being able to be, without one — another and vice versa because life is full of ups and downs and back and forths. Really, there are many ways to see such trivial happenings, such as? Everything that happens is just trying to keep you on your feet, jogging back and forth like a marathon until you are better at running it’s course and the course can only get more and more wider as more objectives arise as you go but as you get better, the course gets more challenging but you handle it better. I am not saying that life gets easier, no way, though it may depending on how you go about it but where’s the fun in all of that? As you confront, overcome and surpass each challenge, you grow. You heal, you get better at handling each step and you move onto the next obstacle. I am also not saying that life is always going to be hard but yes, it can be hard BUT it is worth it, it is worth staying undefeated and continuing to taking each step forward to keep walking — to journey and live. Any progress is still progress, whether it be a little or a lot. Usually finding direction of your own would help and it makes it one hundred times easier when you know that whatever you do is going towards your purpose-direction but let’s say you don’t know or your purposes and direction is very vast~ Best bet is to just make sure you are doing the best you can and carry on doing good. Another cliché I shall bring forth (That is also a very important key to understanding) is —

Stay true to you

I will calm down on the motivational talk, not that it was intended to begin with but I hope it has helped you ease into a bit of an idea of why I am writing all of this and many more. It is all to help you find your own hidden talents, truths, spirit, skills, whatever it may be that might need a little rediscovering or to be discovered about yourself. Another thing though, I can only say and do so much for any individual but at the end of the day, you make your own choices and you learn however you do. If you do seek to be helped then you must want to also accept, be open and allow help for yourself. Obviously I would advise this anyway as it is the wisest thing to do. I don’t expect you to read this and believe every single word but if you do, kudos.


Skipping all of the little introduction and trying to get to the gist for now — You do you, why I mention that it is the wisest thing to do is because, everything you read whether it be in a book, online or anything you get told and hear, from whomever and wherever; I’d strongly suggest and advise you to do your diligence before believing it completely. I am not saying that you must be skeptical to do so, no way, don’t send yourself into a spiral of endless thoughts but instead, be open. Being open means that, you are allowing whatever thoughts, feelings, information, experience, knowledge, understanding, insight and whatever it may be that comes around — to be allowed to enter into your space but to only be allowed to be true to your own understanding, knowledge, beliefs or whatever you would like to call your space and time that may known as in your world. We all have different ways of understanding one another, different points and to do so, is to be open. To allow different ways of the same point to be expressed but to stay true to our own. Funny enough, usually, there is no right or wrong way but there is. There is no right or wrong way for how you find your way but yet there comes to a point there is, if it were to ever go against morals, principals and so forth. Remember that no one is perfect and that without ‘bad’, we wouldn’t even know what ‘good’ really is. We won’t always know and might lose sight of what is good and bad as we get sucked into all the distractions around us which may influence our little acts that may cause us to get a bit carried away so that is why it is very very important(Also another key to understanding) to REFLECT.

It may be hard to keep track of how back and forth I may be but I am trying to keep it as relevant to the last sentence as possible but it is always like this for me, it is always one thing after another, a million words in one and one in a million to be bursting out, all for a reason and all reasons for their own. The good news is though, I do come back around to explaining each point so it will all make sense eventually and I am allowing this way of expressing my understanding to give an idea, example, insight or whatever it may help me in trying to share with you so you can have a fair view of differences. I am not a big fan in the word ‘differences’ so I can direct, navigate, choose the course of the meaning to something more preferable in my vocabulary —

Finding our own authenticity.

Majority of the words that our heads get filled up with are a bunch of mumbo jumbo until you sit yourself down and figure out who you are, who you want to be by deciding what sort of world you want to live in when you close your eyes as you are open to anything that enters that space of yours. Let’s say you were a spectator(third person) and you saw what your world/mindset was like and how it made you feel when you were to close your eyes and be in your own space, would it be a place you would like to surround yourself with everyday and live abundantly in or is it a like a black/dark hole that sucks you as you get consumed, making you feel certain ways and causing you to think all sorts of things that don’t feel too pleasant ? Is it a place where you can think peacefully, be happy on your own when you’re alone to be in the moment and think and feel however you please? This is another important key to living life with a nicer understanding, maybe not for some but definitely for many that I have spoken to and advised including me, myself and I.

Let’s skip to the next process, let’s say ; after you have guided yourself, decided what kind of mind/head space you prefer to be in and cleared your clouded head right? What’s next? Your head may not be so abundant with words anymore and you might not even hear a single thought and be in the silence but you have no idea whether or not that is okay, or maybe you prefer to think and what to know what’s next or maybe you aren’t used to thing space of nothingness or so forth, the options are vast per individual. I am only trying to give different possibilities as I explain each understanding as it varies and may be many for each individual and I don’t mind trying to fit in each thoughts and feels that want to be expressed but maybe another time, all in right timing. Anyway, let’s say your head is cleared, you don’t know what to do with the silence after you have figured out what kind of space you want yourself to be in; this is the exciting part, you can fill in the space however you please and how do you make it happen and achieve it? That is for me to know and for you to find out but I only want to share this knowledge and understanding with people who have figured themselves out a bit and do pop up to want to know more but I will share insights and hint how as I continue to write on my page but for now, figure out your authenticities by:

  • Understanding good and bad, right and wrong to find your morals and principals.
  • Clear your head space (where you close your eyes and go into your own zone) by acknowledging of every thought through openness to confront, decide, advise, guide, navigate and direct where it should take course by staying positive

This will teach you how to get closer to my next words of wisdom and gained understanding o’ insights on “Seeking within”.

What was the point of all of this? Many but maybe to some, none at all or just some that made sense. My goal isn’t to negotiate with your beliefs or understandings, it is to help you spark your own imagination to fulfill your own purposes through your own genuine authenticities, finding your own understandings, words of wisdoms, insights and beliefs. I hope to hear of different journeys from all kinds and walks of life as this keeps things thrilling and exciting as I share my own the way I do and always have been since young. You are never alone and I will continue and maybe come back to add more depth and detail into this article when I do but for now, much love and remember to ‘stay true to you’ ;)

P.S Each points will be clearly explained all in right timing and all the love is free so don’t think I am holding back because I am going to ask you to pay or subscribe to anything but if the day ever comes, that I get subscribers or supporters — I would be over the moon but anyway, take care for now

— Dat



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